Passion. Sensuality. Mystique.

Award winning artist, Gail M Austin, captures all three words in her artwork.  A second-generation artist, Austin utilizes watercolor and oil to express her connection to both nature and Spirit.  Organic shapes, sensual lines, and free-flowing colors invite viewers into a magical world of creation. When not creating her artwork, Austin teaches both watercolor and ceramic mask making.  

Gail's inspiration:  Nature illuminates the fundamentals of life itself.  From the majesty of a mountain, the lull of ocean waves, the unfolding of a flower, or the beauty of a tree stretching upward toward the sky, inspiration surrounds us.   By immersing in the sensations these images inspire, Austin becomes the co-creator with a force more powerful than herself. Creating is her connection with the oneness of nature.  Through her art, she becomes bonded to the Universal energy that flows through all living things.

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