Creativity & Love Oracle Cards and Booklet

  • details

    • 44 full color 4 x 6 cards
    • 55 page 4 x 6 booklet with instructions and card meanings
  • about

    When you connect with and learn to nurture

    your internal world, your outside world

    transforms in magical and beautiful ways.

    Creativity and Love Oracle Cards are

    designed to encourage you to dive deep into

    the Self for greater understanding of what is

    occurring in all dimensions. On your journey

    inward, you will find yourself becoming

    more intuitive, compassionate, joyful,

    creative, and loving.


    The 44-card deck is filled with brightly colored

    images painted by Gail in watercolor

    and is the result of years of

    co-creation with Spirit.


    The 55 page booklet has color images and

    broad meanings of each card. The participant is

    encouraged to listen and allow the images

    to speak to them directly.


    For entertainment purposes only